100 Baby Snacks (healthy & easy recipe ideas)

100 Baby Snacks – healthy and easy recipe ideas for babies and toddlers 9 months – 2 years! This post covers when to serve snacks to baby (and young toddlers), serving sizes, a rundown of my favorite snack containers, PLUS I’m going to share with you over 100 foods and recipes that are the PERFECT healthy snacks for baby and toddler!

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Medically reviewed and cowritten by Jamie Johnson, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)

Baby Snacks

Looking for some inspiration for what to feed your baby for snacks?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

This post will cover it all:

  1. Snacks for 9-12 month olds
  2. Snacks for Toddler (1 year and up)
  3. When to Serve Snacks to Baby
  4. Serving Sizes
  5. Balanced Snacks
  6. Baby Snack Containers
  7. Veggie Snacks
  8. Fruit Snacks
  9. Carbohydrates
  10. Protein Filled Snacks
  11. Store-Bought Snacks
  12. Re-usable Pouches
  13. Baby Teething Snacks
  14. Tips for Healthy Baby Snacks

Snacks for baby can be as easy as cutting up fresh strawberries and mangos or serving chopped veggies with hummus. They can also be freezer-friendly recipes such as Pumpkin Pancakes, Blender Muffins or Spinach Waffles. And don’t forget those easy on-the-go snacks like strawberry applesauce in a reusable pouch or cheesy whole-grain crackers.

Whatever your baby snacking needs are, this post has got you covered!

📌 Make sure you Pin or Print this list of recipe ideas so that you have it available at a moment’s notice!

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