14 Christmas Story Books for Toddlers (great for ages 2-4)

These 14 Christmas Story Books are a fun way for toddlers to experience the magic of the holiday season through the magic of books! Great for ages 2-4 years.

Christmas Books for Toddlers

I have read some of the books below so many times I am pretty sure I have them memorized. So if you see a tired mom wearing yoga pants and a crazy top bun reciting The Bear Stays Up while shopping at Target, you can go ahead and ignore her, she’s not entirely crazy;)

These 14 Magical Holiday Books for Toddlers are my family’s favorites!

Here’s why –

  • They are short enough to hold a squirmy toddlers attention
  • They are fun to read books with animals, blinking lights, fun pop-ups or overlays
  • Some are songbooks (even though you may or may not thank me for those ones;)
  • They are each magical in their own way

So grab some of the books below, your little one, a cozy blanket and enjoy a book filled magical moment together.

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