15 Baby Shower Prizes for Men Who are Manly – Cute Baby Showers for Modern Mom to Be

Is dad a coffee lover? Give this coffee cup teether as baby shower prize winner that can be passed on to dad-to-be.

Are guys allowed at a baby shower?

Traditionally, baby showers have been a ladies only event. Women celebrating new moms and supporting her as she enters motherhood.

Mostly, the guys have been cool with that. Lately, dads are becoming more involved in the early years of a baby’s life. The feeding, diapering, and rocking to sleep has been seen as mom’s job, but today guys are getting in there and doing the work along side mom or giving mom a chance to get some sleep.

Naturally, more involvement means that new dads have been attending the baby shower. Which has evolved into parties like a co-ed baby shower where close friends and family get together to welcome the baby.

Having guys at a baby shower can be the best experience for new dad and mom. And it can be a lot of fun!

What can guys do at a baby shower?

A “man shower” looks a lot like a traditional baby shower. A baby shower for a new dad involves food, drinks, and gifts for the new baby.

But besides eating, drinking, and high five-ing the new dad, what can guys do at the party?

Baby shower games are a great way to break the ice and get guys involved in some competitive entertainment.

Baby Shower Game Ideas for The Guys

Baby Shower Poker

Guys can play poker to celebrate the new dad. The buy in can be diapers and wipes or something off the baby registry.

Stroller Racing

Borrow a few strollers from friends and have the guys race for a baby shower prize.

It’s always fun to start the race with the stroller folded up, so they have to figure out how to get it open. Then they can race down the driveway.

Blind Diaper

Give each guy a blindfold, baby doll, and diaper. Who ever gets the diaper on the baby first is the winner!

Diaper Pong

Tape or glue size 1 diapers to a tri-fold board (one that are used for science experiments). Label the diapers with points. Each player gets 3 turns to score by getting the ping pong ball into the diaper. Highest score wins!

Get Creative

Is there something that dad-to-be loves to do? Golf, basketball, frisbee golf, workout, gaming, etc. Include his favorite activity as a baby shower game that he can do with his friends.

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