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If you’re looking for something new and unique for your little one that few people have used in the past, then look no further than vintage baby names, which are becoming a big trend among celebrities and millennial parents alike. Whether you love old school names or are looking for that hidden gem from one hundred years ago, there are so many beautiful vintage baby names waiting to be rediscovered. Luckily for you, we sorted through the baby name charts from 1880 to 1927 to find unique monikers with a modern appeal. Most of the names we choose were above the top 500, so you can be sure of their rarity. You won’t find Agatha or Milford on this list, but you will discover some one-of-a-kind names that are usable today. Without further ado, here are 30 hidden gems that deserve a comeback. We hope you find more than a few you love!


For the girls:


Ardelia, as a girl’s name, is of Hebrew origin, meaning “blooming meadow.” Ardelia can easily be shortened to “Ardy,” “Delia,” “Della,” or “Lia” and sounds chic and modern despite its old-school vibes.
Runners up: Almeda, Arminta, Adela, Adline, Ardella



An English name meaning “noble strength.” To us, it sounds whimsical and sweet, with just enough hipster cred to make it a new-age hit.
Runners up: Altha, Audie, Annis, Alla, Albina



The name Dessa means “long journey” and is of Russian origin. This sweet name is an attractive choice that still feels fresh.
Runners up: Vesta, Dorcas, Dellar, Doshia, Dovie


A Scottish name meaning “monastery’s steward.” This unique twist on Ella is a grand, regal name that will suit your little girl well into adulthood.
Runners up: Elmire, Enola, Eldora, Esta



A cute English name meaning “the hazelnut tree,” Hazie is an adorable name that evokes a sense of vintage charm and whimsy.
Runners up: Hertha, Henretta, Helma, Hermine, Hassie



Three-little letters pack a punch when it comes to this name! Simple, feminine, and sweet, Ila has French origins and means “from the island.”
Runners up: Inell, Iola, Ira, Irma, Iris, Ivah



From the Late Latin name Isaura which meant “from Isauria,” Izora evokes a timeless sophistication with a touch of cuteness.
Runners up: Ivory, Iillis, Idell, Isa, Ione



The name Lilla is an English name that means “from the lily flower,” making it a sweet name for your blossoming babe. While Lilly may be fairly common, Lilla is a vintage gem.
Runners up: Leta, Ludie, Lavina, Lella, Linna



A name overflowing in vintage chic with a lovely old fashioned feel can instantly become a more contemporary name. Mazie means “pearl” and is of English origin.
Runners up: Maymie, Malissa, Minna, Maudie



A twist on the more conventional Hebrew name Naomi of the same origin and meaning “pleasantness.” This great name straight from the Bible has taken various forms throughout the years but has been an attractive choice for girls ever since! It’s exotic and mysterious—and boasts some major staying power.
Runners up: Neoma, Nealie, Netta, Nolia



A Hebrew name meaning “I will praise the Lord,” we love how Odelia has both a modern and old-world feel.
Runners up: Orpha, Ova, Ozella, Oudia, Odie



Sula is a girl’s name of Hebrew, meaning “peace” derived from Shulamit, making Shula is a sweet nickname that stands on its own as a pretty vintage choice.
Runners up: Sada, Sybilla, Sina, Sabina, Sabra


This Cornish name meaning ‘third’ is an oldie but a goodie. It may be a name from the older generation, but it suits the younger ones too.
Runners up: Tella, Thursa, Tomasa, Twyla, Thelma



Vella is a Southern Italian and Maltese variant of Bella, meaning “beautiful.” While the similar-sounding Stella and Ella have recently landed among the most popular baby names of the last decade, Vella is still decidedly under-the-radar.
Runners up: Vema, Vonda, Venita, Verlie, Vida, Velma



If you love Zoe but want something a little more unique, Zoa might be the right fit for you. Zoa has Greek roots meaning life, which certainly fits this irresistibly youthful moniker.
Runners up: Zena, Zada, Zetta, Zelda, Zula


For the boys:


The name Alcide is a boy’s name of French origin, meaning “glory of Hera.” Alcide is a great option for parents looking for an uncommon vintage name that won’t become overused.
Runners up: Artie, Arlie, Alden, Aloysius, Alphonso



Looking for a nature-themed name? The vintage surname Ashbury has English origins meaning “ash tree farm.” We love the nickname Ash for this cute vintage choice.
Runners up: Abbott, Albion, Anson, Ashbury


The name Ceylon will certainly make a mark thanks to the fact that it hasn’t (yet) become overused. From the word Arabic word saheelan, meaning “Sri Lanka.”
Runners up: Chesley, Chancy, Coleman, Cloyd



A surname of English origin meaning “from the crow ford.” While it was originally a last name, Crawford is also an excellent choice for a first name for your bundle of joy. And Ford makes for an ultra-cute nickname.
Runners up: Carleton, Chalmers, Cornelius, Clayton

Creed has a certain cool edge and comes from English and Latin origins, meaning “belief; guiding principle.”
Runners up: Cato, Cyril, Clovis, Cicero



Dorsey is such an elegant name that would make great a gender-neutral moniker. The name means “from Orsay,” a place in France and is of English origin.
Runners up: Dwight, Dempsey, Dillard, Duncan



A name of Spanish origin, meaning “of the sea.” Delmar is a dignified name for an adult, and you can have the cute nickname of Del for a little boy.
Runners up: Dayton, Duke, Delbert, Don



A form of the Latin name Eligius meaning “chosen.” Is there anything more suitable for your soon-to-be son than a name that means chosen?
Runners up: Elam, Elmo, Ellsworth, Erasmus



An English name meaning “the hedged enclosure.” The originally English surname has a bit of Old Hollywood glamour, but it’s as masculine and romantic as ever.
Runners up: Herschel, Huston, Howell, Hyrum, Holmes



An English name meaning “like a lark.” While the name is a nod to the bird, we’re in love with the way it sounds, plus Lark, for short, is super cute.
Runners up: Loyd, Layton, Lavern, Lucious



A Biblical name meaning “infirmity, a harp, pardon.” Mahlon still sounds cool and hip, even if it is an older classic.
Runners up: Merrill, Mortimer, Melville, Marcellus 



Noble is a Latin origin name, meaning “aristocratic,” making it a robust and sophisticated name for your little boy.
Runners up: Norris, Noel, Nelson, Newton



Orren is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “pine tree.” This old-fashioned name feels fresher than Owen or Otis while remaining unique and dignified.
Runners up: Olin, Orie, Octave, Obed, Orley, Osborne



The Greek name translates to “hunter” and can be shortened to just “Theo.” Adorable? Pretty much.
Runners up: Titus, Thad, Thurman, Thorton, Truman



This ultra-hip version of William is not your typical vintage name derived from Germanic origin, meaning ‘will, desire’ it is a variant spelling of the English William.
Runners up: Wilburn, Wilton, Walton, Worth, Wendell

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What are your favorite vintage gems?
We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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