30 Whimisical Christmas Books for Kids (great for ages 4-7)

These 30 Whimsical Christmas Books for Kids are going to become your family’s new favorite books to read during the festive holiday season!

There will always be room on my bookshelf for the classic holiday books – ✔️ Grinch, ✔️Night Before and ✔️Rudolph.

But once my daughters and I read the classics together a couple of times, I find that it is time to branch out and explore new holiday books together. We find ourselves getting lost in less-known but just as magical books that are filled with beautiful illustrations, enchanting characters and stories that are so endearing that our hearts simply cannot help but fall in love with these wonderful holiday books.

Some of our favorites are classic tales retold in a new way or with beautiful new illustrations, some are classic songs that come to life on the pages of a book, while others are new holiday stories that I know will soon become classic holiday books in our home.

Below you will find 30 of our favorite whimsical holiday books that we hope you enjoy much as we do 📚🎄❤️!


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