75 Top Christmas Gifts for Toddlers (ages 2-4)

These 75 Top Christmas Gifts for Toddlers are so amazing they are going to blow your toddler’s little mind! Great gifts for toddlers ages 2-4 in 7 different categories – STEM, crafts, music, pretend play, active, games & puzzles and stocking stuffers. Consider your holiday shopping done!

75 Must Have Christmas Gifts for Toddler ages 2-4 with images flashing of the best gifts.

Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

My 2020 Christmas Gift Guide for Toddlers is here!

This gift guide is packed with gifts that my kids have played with and loved since they were toddlers and preschoolers. They even still play with these toys to this day – some 3 years later! We tested out these toys, so you won’t have to, consider that our holiday present to you:)

Kid tested – Mom approved!

I just couldn’t stop pulling my favorite toddlers toys for you and I went a little overboard! So I rounded up the toys into 7 different categories that you will find below. All of these toys are perfect for 2-4 year olds and for both boys and girls. Most of the toys come in multiple colors or themes, so if your toddler only wants green toys (I have been there) then check out the link to see what other colors/themes that toy comes in.

Head Straight to These Gift Guides for Toddler:

STEM Learning Toys for Toddlers

On-The-Go Gifts for Toddlers

Pretend Play Gifts for Toddlers

Craft Time Gifts for Toddlers

Music Gifts for Toddlers

Games and Puzzles for Toddlers

Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

10 must-have stem gifts for Christmas or holidays - toddlers.

These STEM Learning Toys are a great (and fun!) way to introduce to fundamental concepts of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) to toddlers! Below you will find our favorite STEM toys that my girls have played with for years. Great gift ideas that tuning leaning into fun for both girls and boys!

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