9 Common Baby Sleep Myths — Sleep and the City

Myth #5 – The dog can sleep in the nursery

This one might be a tough one to hear for all you pet loving parents! And the bond of baby and pet can be such a cute one, too!

But, did you know that the AAP – American Academy of Pediatrics actually recommends to not leave your baby alone with your pet? And even though it is rare for a dog to attack your baby while sleeping – we always recommend to be on the safer side and follow the AAP in these type of situations. 


Myth #6 – Longer sleep is a result of babies on solid foods

The research does not support this – it’s a myth. The research does discourage feeding babies solid foods if under 4 months old. This is because under 4 month old babies lack the digestive systems and oral-motor skills… and an early introduction to solid foods can trigger food allergies. Younger babies will be well fed on a liquid diet (formula or breastfeeding) without needing any supplemental solid foods such as cereal. 


Myth # 7 – 4+ month old babies still need feedings every 2-3 hours

Baby sleep myth #7 is that 4+ month old babies still need feedings every 2-3 hours. Even though, some babies may wake up every 2-3 hours – babies 4+ months old do not need to feed as often. If your baby is over 4 months, they will be able to go 4-6 hours straight without a feed! 

It’s important that baby gets plenty to eat during the day. And depending on how old baby is will determine how often feedings will need to be or how much formula baby will need. It’s also important to feed baby in the evening and before bedtime.  Click here to grab the 3-4M Regression class, complete with online videos, a DIY guide for on-the-go, and plenty of information surrounding that drowsy put down in the crib.

One main thing is to start weaning slowly and gradually. The goal here would be to assist baby to learn how to fall asleep on their own instead of us parents jumping straight into feeding or rocking. With any transition like weaning, it’s a learning process that takes some time, patience, and flexibility. But after a week or so, you’ll get in the swing of things. Want to read more on how to wean baby off night feedings, click here.

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