Anchovy-Lemon Crispy Chicken Thighs with Roasted Potatoes + Spinach — Worthy Pause

Thank you for joining me here today—I’m back again with another episode of crispy chicken thighs.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll catch you up: I like to use this exact same method to make all the chicken dinners at my house. I change up the seasonings and the vegetables I put underneath the crispy chicken thighs, but the basic cooking method is absolutely easy and perfect… so I choose not to mess with ease and perfection.

The anchovy rub on this version is inspired by the food writer legend that is Alison Roman, who has made it her personal mission to hide anchovies in every recipe of her newest book Nothing Fancy (her first book, Dining In, is also amazing, by the way—also includes generous anchovy use).

My first experiment with anchovies was one of Alison’s recipes—not from either of the books, but from several years ago in a Bon Appetit video. It’s a garlicky, herby, anchovy-walnut green bean dish that I’ve actually brought for Christmas Eve dinner twice. This year it was totally devoured by 50+ family members.

Other than Caesar salad or pizza, I’d never really considered anchovies in other applications before these green beans and for that I was a damned fool.

The umami of anchovies is unmatched and sneaky. It makes this chicken taste so damned good but in a sort of indescribable way, melting into the dish and boosting the flavor of everything without stealing the show. It’s not fishy. It’s not overly salty.

It just works.

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