Baby Names Blog: Blog of Baby Name Wizard author Laura Wattenberg | Nominations, Please! What Was the Name of the Year for 2018?

Ready to make a time capsule of the year, in name form? It’s time to choose the 2018 Name of the Year—together.

Our annual Name of the Year honors the way that names change with the times, and the way they capture the times. Looking back at past NOTY choices, you can feel the movement of culture and history: Barack in 2007; Siri in 2011; even Boaty McBoatface in 2016. The honorees have included names of babies and adults, of real people and fictional, of idealized concepts and viral jokes. But they’ve all had one thing in common. They were nominated by readers.

As you think back over the past year, what name leaps out? It doesn’t have to be a baby name per se. The NOTY can be any personal name (or, like “Boaty,” something in the form of a personal name) that emerged during the year, or changed in usage or significance in a way that resonates with the times around is.

Please share your Name of the Year nominations and reasoning, and feel free to second and respond to other reader’s suggestions. You can respond in comments below, or on Twitter (hashtag: #NOTY). As you’re thinking about the year in names, keep a lookout for these criteria:

– A dramatic change in the name’s usage or social meaning, or a brand-new name or trend

– A reflection of a broader cultural theme, or influence on broader style trends

– The “naminess” of the story or issue. How essential is the name to the event? (Keep in mind that the target is a name of the year, not a person, story, or even term of the year.)

And remember that your comments themselves count, too! Multiple nominations make an impact, and compelling arguments in support of your candidate count most of all.


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