Baby Shower Favor Bags – Cute Baby Showers for Modern Mom to Be

These pretty little gift soaps are vegan, we’re happy to say. They’re also free of: 

  • Phthalates
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Parabens
  • PEGsPropylene
  • Petroleum products
  • Artificial colors, or Glycerol.

And hey, if you have any left-over items from any of the larger packs bought to put your bags together, maybe you can offer an item as a prize to whoever can read that list out in one go.

Fun gifts which are actually for mom to be…

Pick the cutest shapes out of this kit and put one in each bag. Maybe your baby shower guests will bring over some cookies when they make their first visit. Your taste buds and your partner will enjoy this sweet treat, especially when you hit those sleepless nights.

Hug appointment vouchers. You can use beautiful font on nice quality unlined flashcards and declare that your pal or family member is entitled to a huge baby hug soon after the big day. This is actually a really good way of lining up brief social engagements which will both:

get you back in touch with other adults

free up your hands for an hour so you can finish a cup of tea or coffee before it goes cold. This is more of a challenge in the first month than you might expect.

Finally, that super-personal touch

This is a really sweet idea, but you will need the guest of honor’s help! 

Put a photo of the guest to be and a particular guest into their bag. It’s nice to spend some nostalgic time looking back over old photos, and by the end of it, mom-to-be may feel ready to handle that next huge change in her life, knowing exactly who’s in her corner.

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