Baby Shower Games – 85+ Popular Games Your Guests Will Love

Give a plain white onesie to every guest at the shower. Have the mom to be go to another room for a short amount of time. Have all the guest decorate their onesie. Let the mom to be pick the winner. (don’t let her know who did which shirt!) 

82. Birthday Baby Shower Game – 
by Candace 
(Texas) – Write out a number for each guest that is at the shower, cut into separate pieces and put each number in a hat (ex: if there are 15 guests, number 1-15 on a piece of paper, cut each number out and place in hat.)

Hand each guest a pen and paper and have them draw a number from the hat.

Then have them write a note to the baby in regards to the number they drew – if they drew a “5”, that would mean 5th birthday – and the guest would write a short note of advice and encouragement for that child to open on his/her 5th birthday. 7 would mean 7th birthday and so on.

So the child will have a letter to open for each birthday while growing up!

 Have fun with this Birthday Baby Shower Game! 

83. Penny Baby Shower Game – 
Have two pennies from the same year for each guest. (Have different years for each guest.) 

When guests arrive, hand them one penny and put the other penny (with the matching year) into a jar.

When all the guests have arrived the Mother-to-be selects a penny and the person with that corresponding year tells a little about themselves, how they know the Mother, and maybe a little story about the new Mom. 

After everyone has spoken the Mom-to-be puts her pennies into the jar and selects one for a prize. 

84. How Many Diapers Baby Shower Game – by Jodi 
(Warren, Ohio USA) – My family threw a baby shower for my sister last weekend and I was in charge of games. 

We had a very large crowd so I wanted to do something that wouldn’t take a lot of time but would also be beneficial for my sister. 

I went to K Mart and bought a large see through storage bin and 3 packages of different sized diapers (208 total). 

I put a sign on the bin that says “how many diapers are in the bin?”. I put sticky notes next to it and a bowl so people could write down their guess and name at their own leisure and put in the bowl. 

Whoever gets closet without going over gets a prize and my sister gets to keep the diapers (a win/win situation.) 

85. My Water Broke Baby Shower Game – 
 by Claire Ruby 
(UK) – 

Before the Shower fill paper cups with about 2 inches of water each and drop a safety pin into each of them. 

Place them in the freezer until the water is completely frozen. (Have enough cups…1 for each guest. Put the guests names on the cups). 

Once all the guests have arrived, handout the cups and tell them it is theirs to keep for the duration of the shower. 

The first persons ice to melt/water to break wins a prize! How they get the ice to melt is up to them!

What’s needed: My Water Broke Game

Ice Cube Tray
, Mini plastic figures ie.bears etc, 
Foam Cups

How to: 
fill the tray with water as usual-add the mini figure, and freeze as usual. 

Read all about this popular baby shower game

90. Celebrities are Just A Bunch Of Big Babies Game – 

For this baby shower game, go through current Hollywood magazines. Cut out as many pictures of celebrities as you would like and paste them on a poster board. (Make sure to try and use celebrities who are currently in the spotlight; they come to mind more easily for the players.)

Then cut baby faces out of parenting magazines and cover each celebrity’s face with a baby face. (Attempt to use faces small enough that it does not cover the celebrity’s hair as well; seeing their hairstyles helps a lot.)

Have the celebrities numbered on the poster board, and give each guest a piece of paper and pen and have them guess each celebrity. 

This game is very fun, but can be hard.

To make the game a little simpler, I found making a clue about each celebrity helps, as well as possibly having a listing of all the celebrities names so that the players just have to match their picture to their name. 

91. White Substance Baby Shower Game – by Alex 
(Los Angeles, CA)  – Find as many “white substance things” around your house as you can (a list of ideas is below.) Or go to the dollar store to get them.

You will need around eight different white things.

 Buy small containers or use empty baby food jars with the labels removed. Number each jar 1-8. Fill each jar with a different substance.

On a piece of paper, write down each number and what you put inside of the corresponding jar. So you won’t forget. This will be your answer sheet. 

Give each guest a blank sheet of paper and have them number 1-8 down the page. 

Have them pass the jars around the room and guess what is in each jar by writing down the answers next to each number.

Let them know they cannot open the jars, they just have to look at them. And make sure they don’t try to taste them.

Suggest they think of everything you can use in a house, car, boat…the guest who answers the most correctly, wins a prize! 

Below are a list of items you can use:
 • SUGAR • 

92. DINNER FOR TWO Baby Shower Game – by Alexis H 
(Detroit, MI) – I announced that I was holding a raffle. 

1st prize a wonderful dinner for two. 

I explained that where was not important, I promised a full meal, completely paid for. 

Money will benefit the baby. 

After announcing the winner, I presented a gift bag which contained two frozen dinners with two sodas. 

Everyone got a kick out of this! 

93. Sock Folding Baby Shower Game – 
by Julia 
(Tacoma, WA)For this fast-paced, unique baby shower game you will need:

Report this adA small plastic laundry basket or any basket

15 pairs of baby socks in assorted colors hand the basket full of socks to the first player and tell them they need to dump the socks out and match and fold as many socks as they can in 30 seconds.

Continue around the room and the guest who folds the most socks, wins a prize! 

94. Pin The Pacifier on the Baby – 
by Amy N. 
(Kentucky )Report this adFor this game you will need one big poster board, 1 pacifier with a loop, a blind fold and some tape.

Report this adPaint a big baby head on the poster board and hang it on a door or the wall. 

Put a piece of tape on the pacifier ring with the sticky side up.

Blind fold the person and spin them around 3 times and then give them the pacifier and have them get it as close to the baby’s mouth as possible, after they are done mark where the pacifier is with a pen or marker and do the same with each guest.

The guest who comes closest to the mouth wins. Its a really funny and neat game.

Report this adFor this “Pin The Baby On The Mommy” baby shower game you will need:

One expecting mother-to-be

a paper cut-out of a baby 

and some double-sided tape 

95. Winner Takes All Baby Shower Game – 
by Jasmin 
(NJ) – This game is played by passing around a large clear glass vase to all attendees. 

They will then be asked to put in however much cash they want.

After this, everyone will be asked to guess the amount in the jar. 

The person who gets the closest to guessing the right amount will win ALL detergent while the mother -to-be gets the cash!

 It’s really funny. 

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