Back to School Schedules — Sleep and the City

We can’t force our children to sleep, but we can absolutely set the stage. Having a cozy bedroom to help them sleep all night is a must. Make sure the room is set between 68-72 degrees, is completely dark (a nightlight or Ok-to-Wake clock is great!), and white noise is running continuously to block out unwanted noise or bumps in the night. If it’s still light out, try using a black out shade to darken the room for naps and bedtime.

Comfort is also KEY to a young child sleeping soundly all night, and often times those cute cartoon sheets are much to scratchy and uncomfortable. I’m asked a lot about which mattress I use in my home, and I always recommend the Purple Original Twin Mattress (nicknamed “The Cloud” in our house!). My favorite all-time sheets (even for adults, we love them in my house!) are from Purple as well, and they are super stretchy which makes the whole “making the bed process” way less painful! Both the mattress and sheets will also help keep your child cool at night, but cozy enough in the colder months. (This portion of the blog was sponsored by Purple, and sheets were provided free of cost— however all opinions and thoughts are our own.)

I get it, my kids ask for snacks all day long too, but it’s important that you tell your children the “kitchen is closed” about one hour prior to bedtime, or at 7pm. Digestion issues can pop up once a child is laying flat, and can disturb the falling asleep process. If your child insists on a snack, try offering a banana, yogurt or cup of warm milk— all which have rumored to help a child drift off into dreamland.

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