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Reward diaper raffle winners with diaper raffle prizes your guests will actually want! The better the prizes for a diaper raffle, the more participation from baby shower guests. New babies go through diapers fast, so more diapers is just what new mom needs!

How does a diaper raffle work?

These diaper raffle ideas will make getting diapers and wipes effortless!

Start by adding a diaper raffle ticket in the baby shower invitation. Let your guests know that bringing diapers puts them in a raffle for some great prizes. You can let them know the prizes in the invitation to encourage more participation, or have a diaper raffle table set up displaying the prizes. 

The most important part, pick out incredible diaper raffle prizes that will get baby shower guests excited! 

Finally, make a diaper raffle table with a diaper raffle sign and put the prizes on display! As guests enter they can drop off their diapers and enter the raffle.

What is a good diaper raffle prize?

There are a few different ways you can set up diaper raffle prizes. 

Giveaway one ultimate diaper raffle prize. 

Choose one grand prize and have 2-3 smaller prizes. 

If you’re hosting a coed baby shower include a baby shower prize for guys and a baby shower prize for girls.

Keep in mind your party guests! Think about something that they would bring a pack or 2 of diapers for a chance to win.

Gift cards are always a crowd favorite, because who wouldn’t love some free money to spend however you want! 

Gift baskets loaded with amazing goodies are a fun way to create an exciting prize.

TIP: Try asking family members or close friends of the new parents-to-be if they have a way to donate a free gift card, gift certificate, sporting event tickets, etc. Then build a gift basket around that special gift!

Diaper Raffle Prize Ideas Your Friends Will Love

This list includes the best diaper raffle prize ideas for a baby shower! We cover everything from big grand prize ideas to the best gift basket prizes.

Big Prize Ideas for Diaper Raffle

Planning for a big prize or grand prize usually means that you’re going to put a little more money into this gift. 

It may be a gift card to a popular local restaurant, tickets to a local sporting event, spa gift certificate, etc. 

The big prize should be more valuable than any other prizes you are giving away during the shower. This helps the diaper raffle prize really stand out! 

Ask around to family and friends for a donation of a free service, or if someone has season tickets if they could donate those for the grand prize. 

Once you secure your big ticket item, then you can build a gift basket around that item to make it a little more special.

Gift Card Diaper Raffle Prize Idea 

Gift cards make such a great prize because the gift really is the freedom to choose! Even if it’s a Starbucks gift card, you don’t have to feel guilty about spending more of your own money on expensive coffee. People love gift cards!

Here are the top 5 best gift card prizes to giveaway at a baby shower!

Coed Baby Shower Prize Ideas

Gift baskets always make a great diaper raffle prize because there are so many different things that you can do with them! You can still make great baskets on a small budget or make them as big as you want! Here’s a lift of some of our favorite gift basket ideas:

  • Spa Gift Basket (face mask, loofa, body salt scrub, lotion, candle, magazine, bath bomb, gift card for a massage)
  • BBQ Gift Basket (bbq tools, different bbq sauces, propane lighter, grill cleaning set)
  • Coffee Gift Basket (bag of coffee, coffee stirrers, cute mug, creamer, gift card to a coffee shop)
  • Sports Gift Basket (local sports team tickets, team hat, t-shirt, snacks for the game, foam finger)
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  • Fall Gift Basket (pumpkin spice candle, bag of pumpkin spice coffee, apple cider, fall scent hand soap, cute hand towels, fall wreath)
  • Green Gift Basket (Cash money, cute planter with succulents, green pack of gum, anything green!)
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  • Chocolate Gift Basket (gift card to a local chocolate store, chocolate covered popcorn or pretzels, chocolate spoons to stir in coffee, Godiva chocolates, chocolate covered strawberries)
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  • Cooking Gift Basket (make a new crockpot the basket, cookbook, crockpot liners, bottle of wine)
  • Movie Night Gift Basket (popcorn bowl, different microwave popcorn flavors, different boxes of candy, movie tickets, a dvd movie, a couple soda bottles)
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  • Holiday Gift Basket (ingredients to make holiday cookies, holiday spatulas, apron)
  • Wine or Alcohol Gift Basket (two wine glasses, bottle of wine, bottle of liquor, ingredients to make cocktails)
  • Ice Cream Gift Basket (cute ice cream bowls, waffle cones, different toppings, cute ice cream scoop, gift card to a local ice cream shop)
  • Book Worm Gift Basket (a couple of books, bookmark, gift card to a local coffee shop, blanket to cuddle up with, book light)
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  • Tea Gift Basket (cute teapot, different flavors of tea, cute teacup, scones)
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  • Video Game Gift Basket (headphones, a video game, snacks, batteries, a new gaming set)
  • Manly Gift Basket (shaving cream, aftershave, cologne, new razor, etc.)
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  • Game Night Gift Basket (chips & dips, a board game, a card game, other snacks, drinks or beer)
  • Camping Gift Basket (marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate, pokers, matches, camping utensils or cookware, gift card to an outdoors store)
  • Car Gift Basket (bucket, ArmorAll wipes, sponges, soap, auto glass cleaner, car scent)
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  • Cooking Gift Basket (colander, jar of pasta, special pasta sauce, etc.)
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  • Date Night Gift Basket (gift cards to different places like the movies, nice restaurant, dessert places, cash for babysitter, etc.)
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  • Green Thumb Gift Basket (flower seeds, planter, gardening gloves & tools, water can, miracle grow, etc.
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  • Charcuterie Gift Basket (charcuterie board, different flavors of cheese, crackers, etc.)
  • Homey Gift Basket (Hand towels, cute scented soap, candle, gift certificate for a cleaning service, etc.)
  • Fishing Gift Basket (fishing poles, bait, hooks, etc.)
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