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Too often, I find that focus is heavily weighed on the actual clothing itself, with little to no focus on the accessories. I am such a big believer that any accessory can alter the overall effect of an outfit, especially with accessories you might not see on a typical basis. Do not get me wrong, I have developed both an affinity for classy, minimal accessories but I do adore a good in-your-face shoe or hat that really sets your look apart from all others. Today, I wanted to focus on those statement outfit counterparts that make for a unique aesthetic. Here are some of my current favorite out-of-the-box accessories that will elevate all of your outfits.

jessica wang wearing a white mini dress and a wide belt while sharing her favorite accessories to elevate your outfits // Jessica Wang -

Wide Belt

Talk about a show stopper. Yes, your average belt is ideal in terms of practicality but this accessory is often blended within an outfit or possibly not even shown at all. I am here to make a public service announcement of my adoration of this accessory and how it should be taken advantage of more often!

A wide belt, say thrown on top of a dress or even over a blazer, is a game changer. It pulls in the waist, almost like the same way a corset would work to highlight your curves. To achieve maximum effect, wear a contrasting outfit beneath the belt so you can let it be the centerpiece of the look.

accessories to elevate your outfits featuring a wide waist belt // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.comjessica wang wearing a white sheer dress and a wide white belt while sharing her favorite out of the box accessories to elevate your outfits // Jessica Wang -

jessica wang wearing a baum und pferdgarten color block vest jacket, distressed jeans, and AGL cut out boots while sharing her favorite out of the box accessories to elevate your outfits // Jessica Wang -

jessica wang wearing a blue shirt, asymmetrical skirt, and cut out platform sneakers // Jessica Wang -

jessica wang wearing a Dolce & Gabbana Hydrangea Shift Dress and strappy sandals while sharing her favorite out of the box accessories to elevate your outfits // Jessica Wang -

Cut Out Shoes

Yes, there are plenty of statement shoes out there, but I have been gravitating towards cut out ones a lot more these days. Of course, I give these shoes bonus points since they are optimal for the thick of summer since they do technically have built-in ventilation. But they also just make for a more striking look that is hard to resist. It easily adds a bit of edge

to your everyday style. You can look for this cutout look in a variety of styles including boots, sandals and heels!

jessica wang wearing a brown leather blazer with matching pants and versace glasses // Jessica Wang -

Not-So-Typical Eyeglasses

For those who wear eyeglasses on a daily basis, do you just own one pair? If you are looking to elevate your style, I

jessica wang wearing a silk off the shoulder blouse, white wide leg pants, and aviator glasses // Jessica Wang -

highly recommend treating yourself to some new frames. Rather than your typical styles, try branching out and opting for something with a more striking silhouette. For instance, these aviator styles are not-your-average eyeglasses and will definitely accentuate your day or night outfits. Having another prescription (or non-prescription!) a pair handy will easily let you switch up your day-to-day looks.

jessica wang wearing accessories to elevate your outfit featuring a visor // Jessica Wang -


Hats are a must – especially come the summertime when the sun is steadily shining down for hours on end. One way to upgrade your style game is to try out a new version. A visor is a hat that I do not see enough! It has all the merits of your favorite baseball cap but I find it can actually be more comfortable since it allows more of your head to breathe in the hot weather. Plus, I love the aesthetic it provides. A simple, neutral one has a more collegiate, posh look. Whereas, more athletic styles give off a summer street style flair.

jessica wang wearing a black blazer with a lapel chain, knit tank top, and black trousers // Jessica Wang -

Lapel Chain or Brooch

The last accessory I thought worth mentioning is certainly small, but mighty! Typically in menswear, the lapel chain is worn on a suit jacket as an added little detail. I have never been one to shine away from men’s fashion and thought it was a unique accessory to add to my own blazer. You could also get the same effect with shirt collar chains or even brooches! Think of it like jewelry you apply right to your clothing!

These unique accessories have definitely elevated some of my more recent outfits. Which one is your favorite?