Easy Scrambled Eggs for Baby (6+ months)

These Easy Scrambled Eggs are the perfect finger-food for baby – soft, fluffy and delicious! Made with protein-rich eggs and a dollop of yogurt for a fun twist. Great for 6+ months.

Graphic for post - scrambled eggs for baby - great for baby-led weaning - great source of protein. Image is of a teal baby plate with fluffy scrambled eggs, chopped strawberries and an avocado slice for baby.

Scrambled Eggs for Baby

Need an easy, quick and super healthy meal for baby? 😃 Then this simple scrambled egg recipe if for you!

These fluffy scrambled eggs are great served for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. And trust me, you will want to double this recipe so you can have a hot meal as well.

Scrambled eggs are surprisingly a great finger food option for baby 👶, and this recipe doesn’t disappoint – soft so there isn’t a choking concern, firm enough so baby can hold onto them in their pincher or palmer grasp, and flexible enough that you can serve them plain or with a fun add-in.

Reasons to Love these Scrambled Eggs

  • great for baby, toddler and you
  • fluffy and soft
  • easy and quick to make
  • great source of protein
  • perfect for baby-led weaning
  • serve for breakfast, lunch or a quick dinner
Teal plate with scrambled eggs for babies.


  • Eggs: an easy and budget-friendly source of protein for baby. For this recipe, we are going to use 2 eggs, but you can easily flex this recipe up to make more servings.
  • Yogurt: this may be a controversial ingredient, but it is the key ingredient in getting super fluffy eggs that are soft yet firm enough for baby to be able to feed themselves. You can also sub in goat cheese or cream cheese if you want to get super fancy.

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