Emma Roberts Confirms The Birth Of Her First Child

At the end of December, sources confirmed that actress Emma Roberts welcomed her first child, a son, with her boyfriend Garrett Hedlund. The Holidate star has officially confirmed her son’s arrival!

At the time the news broke, it was revealed that the couple chose the name Rhodes for their son. With Emma’s public confirmation, we now know her son’s full name: Rhodes Robert Hedlund. Such a strong name!

In Emma’s photo, she gazes adoringly down at her son, who is swaddled in an orange blanket. The actress matched her son in a stunning orange dress with matching heels. In the caption, she shared, “Thank you 2020 for getting one thing right. Our bright light Rhodes Robert Hedlund.”

Emma shared in August that she was expecting her first child, two months after rumors swirled she was pregnant. In her announcement, she not only shared her pregnancy but that she would be having a son.

News of Emma and Garrett dating came out in March of 2019. They have been going strong ever since and have kept their relationship out of the public eye as much as possible.

Congratulations to Emma and Garrett on becoming parents! We wish them all the best on this exciting new journey.

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