Fall Back Baby Sleep — Sleep and the City

Have you ever tried to sleep in when the sun is coming through the window, right into your eyes? Or gone to bed early when it’s still bright out? Think about how your baby might feel, too! When it comes to either Spring Forward or Fall Back Daylight Savings, you HAVE to invest in black out shades for your baby (and maybe for yourself, too!). My all-time tried & tested shades can be found here for under $50, are completely customizable if needed, and ship within a week. Plus, it’s a Dad-owned small business!!

When attempting to nap train, sleep train, or do any baby sleep work, the number one thing you have to have for your baby is an age-appropriate schedule (click here for a free one!). I’ve seen so many clients have their children on a schedule that was too young OR too old for them, resulting in frequent night wakings, short naps— you name it.

Here’s a quick guide by age for the number of naps your baby should be taking:

0-1 MONTH: 5-7+ NAPS

2-3 MONTHS: 4-6 NAPS




15-36+ MONTHS: 1 NAP


Let’s review: Blackout shades? Check. Free age-appropriate schedule? Check. But there’s more— now comes the work (the good work), to help your baby begin to sleep in even AFTER Daylight Savings Fall Back. First, after you’ve installed your blackouts and used your new schedule for a least a week, you can begin to use my science-backed tricks within my Daylight Savings Guide (get it here for only $19!). Don’t have a week left before the time change? That’s ok— I have a “quick” solution within the guide as well!

This DIY Guide, available for immediate download, will help you gently schedule shift your baby, using the biological and neurological developments within baby’s brain and body to get the results YOU want. This guide is also perfect if your baby is waking up too early without the daylight savings time change too!

You want baby to sleep until after 7am every day? Or wishing for a little earlier bedtime to get more alone time with your spouse?? This guide will SHOW YOU HOW in the easiest steps that I WISH someone would have told me when I was a new Mom!!

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