Frank’s Dinosaur Birthday Party – Bloom & Bundle

Our Frankasaurus is THREE! He’s old enough to pick his theme so a dinosaur birthday party it is! He’s also old enough that I thought maybe he would enjoy a party with his buddies instead of a party at home with mom and dad’s friends. We have visited Play Street Museum a couple of times for blogger events and it is the perfect party place. It’s clean, pretty convenient and still brand new. I booked the 9-10:30am time slot to avoid naps and let people have the rest of their day free. It also allowed me to skip heavy food since it wasn’t a mealtime.

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 Dinosaur Birthday

I think balloons are kind of a pain in the butt except I didn’t have any other ideas for filling the space. I ordered the cut-out circle strands on Etsy and customized to the party colors. Just order balloons on whatever ribbon and switch out at home.

Dinosaur Birthday  Dinosaur Birthday

Dinosaur Birthday  Dinosaur Birthday

I found the cups and the flatware sets on Etsy from Stesha Party and decided to take that design and run with it. The colors are fairly easy to match, plus they are bright and fun. My girlfriend makes the best cake pops (LAHlipops STL) so that was an easy treat. I didn’t think kids would want much cake if they had cake pops. I ordered a plain white cake from the grocery store and decorated with dinos from Amazon and a toppers from Etsy by Avalon Sunshine.

Dinosaur Birthday

Frank paints the paper-mache dinosaurs from Target at home all the time. I bought a pile of them and spray painted along with the Number 3 and T-Rex wooden decor for the backdrop. Accidentally turned some of the driveway lime green…whoops!

Dinosaur Birthday  Dinosaur Birthday

Dinosaur Birthday

I found the favor idea on Pinterest. You can order the mini Play-doh cans in party packs on Amazon. For any theme you should be able to find mini cookie cutters- these were inexpensive and came in packs of 7. My trick for making nice tags is using the Canva program in business card size and then ordering with a coupon code on Zazzle or Vistaprint. Yes, you have to print 50-100, but they come fast and are still cheap. Punch a hole and tie with cute ribbon (another Etsy find)!

Dinosaur Birthday  Dinosaur Birthday

Even Frank’s buddies dressed for the theme! I found Frank’s “Frankasaurus” shirt on Etsy. He’s worn it a million times already!

Paper Cut Out Garlands
Cake Banner
Paper-Mache Dinos
Cups & Straws
Flatware Pocket Sets
Play-Doh Party Packs
Dino Cookie Cutters
Dino Ribbon
Custom Dino Tee Shirt
T-Rex Book

I reused some things at home for Frank’s family party!

Dinosaur Birthday Dinosaur Birthday

xo, Katie

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