Gift Guides 2019: Gifts for Her

I’m not sure how I have managed two gift guides this year, but I got on a roll and just kept going. I skipped over another kid guide to do one for your girlfriends or gals in your family. I think this is the hardest group of people to buy for. They either have everything, don’t want more crap or the gifts I want to get them are hundreds of dollars. This list is a nice collection of all prices- you can’t really go wrong. Enjoy this year’s gifts for her!

  1. Susan Gordon Pottery Bowl

    The most beautiful dish to put next to your sink for rings and jewelry. It comes in multiple sizes (I’m eyeing a large one for decor) and lots of colors. Stick with AA or A size depending on what you think you will use it for. $18-42 depending on size and finish.

  2. Set of 4 Makeup Eraser Cloths

    My face was never clean until I used these. Just needs water. Then your face wash can actually do some work instead of leaving things behind. A set is better than one because then you’re not having to wash all the time. $40

  3. Billie Shaving Subscription

    I was hesitant to want this at first, but the razors are pretty good and it automatically sends every other month. A six month gift subscription is only $27!

  4. Birdies Slippers

    The pricer gift option but sheesh these things are comfortable…and adorable. Lots of colors and styles to choose from. $95-140

  5. O-Venture Big O Key Ring

    You have seen this on lots of my lists. I have bought a handful for friends and even have two for myself. I prefer the Ostrich style, but Vince is teething and likes chewing on the silicone version. $25-55 depending on material- Sign up for emails and get 15% off!

  6. Weezie Makeup Towels

    Are your bath towels always covered in remnants of makeup? I switched to darker hand towels just for washing my face months ago. These are a cuter version of towels for washing your face. $40 for a pair. 

  7. Rey to Z Embroidered Letter Hat

    Also found on this year’s kid’s personalized gift guide. I just can’t get enough of these hats. Get one with your friend’s first initial and then add embroidery on the back with their name or “mama”. Currently wanting the camo with pink embroidery on the back! $25 + $10 for the added embroidery on the back. 

  8. The Guide to Mindful Lettering Set

    I know that moms don’t typically have a lot of time on their hands, but I know fun lettering is something that a lot of us wish we can do. $53 for set with pen & pouch. 

  9. Susan Gordon Pottery Initial Necklace

    I love initial necklaces and I finally found something a little different from the engraved gold styles you usually see me talk about. These are handmade and you can choose any color. You can layer them for multiple initials. It’s on my wishlist, but I don’t have a clue on which colors to get! $42 for one charm

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