Gift Guides 2019: Teacher Gifts

Usually for teachers I go with a gift card and a treat, but if you have time to plan ahead I know they will appreciate something exciting and meaningful. Some of the personalized teacher gifts on Etsy are to die for and you can’t go wrong with a festive holiday tumbler. Just a short little idea list to get you started on your teacher gifts!

  1. Abigail Christine Design Nutcracker Tumbler

    Abby is a local St. Louis designer who has the most adorable holiday items. I know that tumblers are a pretty typical gift, but I love the idea of themed seasons so they can swap out as the year goes on. $40

  2. Classroom Ornament

    I can’t get enough of this style of old school handwritten ornaments. A great way for teachers to remember their classroom from that year. $15

  3. Personalized Notepad & Holder

    More paper for a teacher, but they will use it. Even personalized notecards are a great idea. Frank’s teachers send home thank you notes anytime I send anything for them so I am sure they can never get enough. $40 (less if you skip the acrylic holder)

  4. Logan + Lenora Washable Zip Tote

    This is a pricey teacher gift, but if you aren’t buying many gifts or you have the budget for it, I think a washable zip tote is ideal for a teacher. Perfect for hauling things home and back everyday. $125

  5. Felt Name Banner

    I found this after I had already ordered gifts for this year, but I think I will maybe do these for the end of the year gifts. They can hang them in the class and keep them forever! $8-120 depending on letter count.

  6. Abigail Christine Design Wrapping Paper with Matching Tags

    I am doing sets of Abby’s leopard paper with matching tags for all of my coworkers this year. A set of 2 sheets of paper is $8 and a set of 20 tags is $12. I would do 2-3 sets of paper and a set of tags for $28. If you are local she will be at Ladue Chapel Holiday Mart and the John Burroughs Unique Boutique so you can save shipping costs!

This is gift guide #3 this year! If you missed the other two then check them out here:

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