Have You Tried Out Robo Fish with Your Kitty?

Post Published on May 26, 2021 | Last Updated on May 26, 2021 by Jenny

Over 1 year ago, Michael Strange, a floppy cat owner and a Floppycats reader, told me about Zuru Toys Robo Fish.

Electronic Cat Toy Robo Fish Cat Toy Unboxing Video Blackhole Cat Littermat

I found them at CVS Pharmacy a few months later and tried them on Charlie and Trigg.  They were a hit and the video has done well on YouTube – nearing 110K views.

Many people have purchased these for their kitties – although they were not originally made with kitties in mind.  Have you purchased some?  How do you like them?  What about your kitties?  Do you put them in a bucket, sink, bathtub or somewhere else?

ZURU ROBO ALIVE Fish-SERIES1 2PK(Teal+Orange) (7141A-S001)
Purchase on Amazon.

Cathy submitted this video of her kitties playing and talks about it on her blog, Wednesday Word—Fish.

Wendy submitted this video:

Melody posted this link on Facebook:


Nancy writes, “Merlin Murphy Marshall had just turned 3ys when I got these for him. He is more of a watcher that hunter but loves to pick them up & try to walk off with it. So he does not get to play with them unsupervised & I had forgotten about them till you asked & while playing the videos Merlin comes running at the noises & was going nuts trying to find it. I need a better container. :)”

Robo Fish

Interested in seeing if they interest your kitty?  You can buy them online:

ZURU ROBO ALIVE Fish-SERIES1 2PK(Teal+Orange) (7141A-S001)

Buy Robo Fish on Amazon – they are now less than $5 each with free shipping.