Melty Gruyere + Shaved Ham with Herb Salad and a Dijon Aioli Swipe — Worthy Pause

There’s this coffee shop in Minneapolis called Penny’s Coffee, where you can purchase the best crepe in the Lower 48.

One time I was craving it so hard that I accidentally paid $16 for parking downtown in order to eat a $12 crepe made with ham, gruyere, lemony-herby greens, a crack of black pepper and a creamy mustard aioli. I’m telling you, I could eat this crepe every day for three meals a day, so that’s why I decided I had to make a crepe-less version of it—to save me from myself.

I don’t want to hype this recipe up even more than I’ve already hyped the crepe, but you’re going to wanna make it… like, today. And tomorrow. And the next day for three meals a day forever and ever.

I wrote the recipe very loosely because it’s a good one for off-roading. You should make the number of servings that make sense for you. The aioli will keep, but the greens won’t really hold up well so you’ll want to make that fresh.