Milk-free vanilla crepes recipe for babies (from 10 months)

Today, we will prepare crepes for babies. Ideal for a Candlemas, these will be sugar-free and milk-free, and you will see that we do not have to add these two ingredients to all our pastry dishes for them to be good!

Milk-free vanilla crepes recipe for babies (from 10 months)

We love crepes at home. Our baby will surely love it as much as we do, so we are in a hurry to let him discover it. Candlemas is the perfect time to prepare a good crepe batter.

I am constantly looking for the best I can give to my daughter, like you I suppose! So in my crepe batter recipe, I decided to put the perfect ingredients for a good snack (or even breakfast!).

So we are going to prepare a kind of light crepe batter that will only contain one egg, flour (cereals, perfect!), water (instead of milk, yes! A perfect substitute for lactose intolerant or allergic babies ) and vanilla seeds (Yummy!). We will add a small teaspoon of sunflower oil, and that’s all, we can cook our crepes!

From 10 months, and under supervision, if your baby has started eating pieces, you can then prepare this crepe batter recipe and see him enjoy the Candlemas (or at any other time of the year, after all, we do not wait for the Candlemas to prepare crepes ^^).

I challenge you not to prepare the same for you after tasting these crepes for your baby…!

Here is what you need to prepare this milk-free vanilla crepes recipe for babies (from 10 months, sugar and milk free, quantities for 5 small crepes):

Milk-free vanilla crepes recipe for babies (from 10 months)

  • – 1/2 cup flour (60g)
  • – 1 egg
  • – 3/8 cup water (90ml)
  • – 1 tbsp oil
  • – 1 vanilla pod (to take some fresh seeds) or vanilla extract


Vanilla pod for crepe recipe for babies

This crepe batter recipe for babies does not take a lot of time at all. Why? Because I put everything in my little blender, I blend at full power all my ingredients until my crepe batter is very smooth! Of course, you can do it manually 😉

Start placing the flour in your blender.

Flour for crepe batter for babies

Add the egg.

Egg for crepe batter recipe for babies

Add water and oil.

Water for milk-free crepe batter recipe

Finally, take seeds from your vanilla pod by splitting the pod in half lengthwise. You can easily extract the seeds using a small knife. If you don’t have any vanilla pod at home, use a little bit of vanilla extract (about 5 drops).

Vanilla seeds for crepe recipe for babies

Blend all your ingredients for about 10 seconds.

Your crepe batter for babies is already ready. Put it in the fridge to let it sit and for the vanilla seeds give off their full flavor. Count about 45 minutes.

Crepe batter recipe for babies

Once your milk-free crepe batter has rested, take it out of the fridge. Prepare a small pan (or crepe maker) by rubbing a paper towel soaked in a little sunflower oil over the entire surface. Let the pan heat over medium heat, and once hot, let’s go for the first crepe!

Using a small ladle, place your baby crepe batter on the hot pan, tilt your pan on all sides for the batter to be over the entire surface (personally I did not hesitate to make them a little thicker than conventional crepes so that they are easier to eat for babies!). The first side is left to brown for about 2 to 3 minutes. Turn your crepe over and let the second side of the crepe heat for 2 minutes.

Crepe cooking for babies

It’s ready ! Heat the other crepes the same way, let cool, and then you can serve these milk-free crepes to your baby (be careful and always watch your kid when he is eating 😉). With a good fruit puree and a little dairy, perfect for the snack!

Bon appetit baby! (and Mom and Dad… because I know you are going to taste it 😀)

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