Persian Cat Food – The Best Way To Feed Your Flat Faced Kitty

Welcome To Your Complete Guide To The Very Best Persian Cat Food.

Persian Cats Have A Distinctive Look. But Did You Know They Also Have Special Dietary Needs?

Let’s Take A Look At Why They Benefit From Breed Specific Food, And Which Are The Best Options For Them.

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Feeding Persian Cats

Persians are well known for their characteristic face shape.

It gives them a great appeal amongst a lot of cat lovers, probably because the flattened features look more human and babyish.

But that smooshed face does more than change their look.

It potentially also changes they way they have to eat.

Let’s take a look at why.

Persian Cat Health

Persian cats’ flat faces are referred to as brachycephalic. This essentially means they have a broad, short skull.

Brachycephaly in cats has a lot of worrying health implications.

One of these is dental.

The shortened jaw of a Persian cat still needs to fit in the same number of teeth.

This means that their teeth are likely to be overcrowded, rotated or even impacted into the jaw and unable to come through.

These dental problems make it hard to chew, but they can also easily lead to more serious gum problems too.

Overcrowded teeth are more likely to become infected, and even to get mouth tumors.

Persian Cat Food

Another problem Persians have is with hairballs. Their long soft fur can cause them to have recurrent issues in this area.

So a food designed to reduce hairballs is another bonus.

Not all Persian cats will need a special Persian cat food, it will depend somewhat upon the extent of their brachycephaly and the nature of their coat.

Persian Cat Food Habits

Persian cats are well known for being picky eaters.

But this might be as a result of their dental issues, rather than just having a choosy nature.

Recommended cat foods for Persian cats take into account their potential issues surrounding chewing.

Owners frequently also report trouble with picking up the smaller pieces, or those shaped like an ‘x’.

They are also often recommended for more sedentary cats. This is because Persians as a pedigree cat breed are often kept as exclusively indoor cats.

They are therefore less likely to be burning off that excess energy chasing after the local wildlife!

Being a Persian cat and being an indoor cat are both risk factors for calcium oxalate urolithiasis too.  This is the technical name for painful bladder stones.

Persian Cat Food

They are at an increased risk for bladder stones too when they are given just one food. So it might be a good idea to choose a couple of Persian cat food brands to alternate.

You will also need to be careful with the quantities of Persian cat food you put down each day too.

Monitor your kitty’s weight and make sure that it is not increasing.

Persian Cat Food List

The best food for Persian cats will be easy for them to eat and digest.

It will provide all the nutrients they need, whilst taking into account their special requirements.

We have put together a definitive Persian cat food list. Giving you the best Persian cat food brands.

Whether you are looking for wet food or dry food, there are some good options available.

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Not all of them will tick every box, but under each option you’ll find a description of what that particular brand offers.

Best dry food for Persian cats

Dry cat food is popular because it’s cheaper, easier to store and lasts for a long time once opened.

Some cats prefer the crunch, and dried food may have some dental benefits due to the way it is chewed.

Very few Persian specific cat foods exist, so avoid dry foods with very small pieces or x shapes.

You will need to monitor your Persian cat while she’s eating to avoid chewing problems and make sure she can easily pick up the pieces.

Here are some good dry options for Persian cat food.

Royal Canin Persian Cat Food

The first solution to feeding your Persian cat comes from Royal Canin*.

The Royal Canin Persian cat food is very popular.

It is designed to be a shape that is easy to pick up and chew.

The formula is aimed at helping to promote coat health.

It is also rich in fibers that increase digestive activity and help to reduce hairballs.

Iams Proactive Specialized Cat Food

Another great choice is Iams Proactive Specialized cat food*.

This cat food is not specifically designed for Persians, but does fulfil two important criteria.

It is for indoor cats, and helps with hairball care.

Watch your cat as they eat and if they have trouble chewing the pieces, you can try breaking them down.

Blue Wilderness Cat Food

Another good option to try is Blue Wilderness cat food*.

This is also designed for indoor cats and with hairball control.

It’s high in protein and even grain free. Great for your fluffy obligate carnivore!

Again, watch your kitty while she’s eating and break the food down further if necessary.

Best wet food for Persian cats

Cat food for Persian cats can of course come in wet or dry form.

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Wet cat food  is popular because it is moist, and has been linked to a reduction in urinary problems in cats.

It is often found to be more palatable and encourages the cat to drink more too.

Here are some good wet Persian cat food options.

Royal Canin Persian dry cat food for long haired cats

Does your Persian have a very long coat? Then check out Royal Canin Persian food for long haired cats.*

This formula is designed to maintain skin and coat health, particularly useful given the breed’s predisposition to skin problems.

Blue Freedom

This Blue Freedom cat food* has a lot of your Persian cat bases covered.

Designed for indoor cats, this protein rich formula has fibers to help digest hairballs.

It also contains cranberries to help urinary function.

The food itself is flaked, hopefully making it nice and easy for your kitty to chew.

It’s a grain free, too!

Hill’s Science Diet Indoor

Another great choice of food for Persian cats is Hill’s Science Diet Indoor.*

This wet cat food is broken into pieces that will be easy to chew.

It contains high quality proteins and natural fibers. Intended to reduce hairballs and even make the litter box easier to tackle!

Purina Pro Plan Focus

Another food you might like to try is Purina Pro Plan Focus.*

This indoor cat food is made with real salmon. It’s designed to battle hairballs and help keep your cat at a healthy weight.

Persian Kitten Food

The best food for Persian kittens will give a lot of the same benefits as the best adult Persian cat food.

But it will also promote healthy growth and development in your fluffy kitty.

Here are a few options for feeding your Persian kitten.

Royal Canin Persian Kitten Food

Want to get your Persian cat off on the right foot? Then your first port of call might be to Royal Canin’s Persian Kitten Food.*

The kibble is shaped to allow it to be easily picked up and chewed.

They use highly digestible proteins and fiber to help aid your kitten’s digestion. And add in all the usual useful vitamins to keep their growing body healthy.

Blue Indoor Kitten Food

The Blue Indoor Kitten Food* is a good choice.

It’s grain free and contains no by-products.

The formula contains cranberries to promote urinary health, and dietary fibers to help with furballs too.

Purina Beyond

If your Persian kitty is really struggling with chewing, then you might like to try this Purina Beyond pate.*

As a pate is soft and doesn’t require much chewing at all. However, if your cat has trouble picking up their food this probably isn’t going to be a good choice.

It’s also grain free, and has duck as the number one ingredient.

Persian Cat Food Bowl

So you’ve found the right Persian cat food. Now you’ll need the best Persian cat food bowl.

Why do some Persian owners use a different style of bowl? Again it’s to do with the Persian cat flat face.

Wide faces don’t fit into some small dishes as easily, and their whiskers could rub on the edges.

They can also get quite messy while they eat.

The best Persian cat food dish is wide, with relatively low edges.

Many Persian owners report feeding their kitties from saucers in order to avoid problems with their face and whiskers getting in the way.

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It also enables them to get closer to the food, to pick it up more easily.

Best Food For Persian Cats

Not all Persian cats need specialist cat food. Some will do fine without a furball, indoor or easy to chew formula.

You know your cat, and you should definitely experiment with different varieties.

Just be sure to monitor her while she eats, to make sure she isn’t struggling.

And remember, don’t just pick one! Alternate brands to lower the chances of your Persian getting painful bladder stones.

But in general terms, the best cat food for Persian cats will deal with the issues common to the breed.

It will be easy to pick up and chew. It will combat hairballs and be suited to indoor lifestyles.

But it will also deal with nutritional factors common to all cats.

These obligate carnivores benefit from a lack of grain, low carbohydrates and a high quality, high protein option.

If you are thinking of bringing home a Persian cat make sure you check out our breed guide here, and find all about the problems faced by flat faced cats in this article. 

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