Postpartum Hair Journey w/Pantene Miracle Rescue

Miracle Rescue Conditioning Treatment –

I use this after I shampoo my hair, and honestly sometimes by itself without shampooing. This conditioner does a great job of deep conditioning my hair and keeping it very moisturized. It’s a key part in my wash day routine when I wash my hair at home. It has a blend of deeply-absorbing Pro-V Nutrients, including Pro-Vitamin B5, strengthening lipids, and protective antioxidants. Apply to wet hair in the shower – start at the tips and work through your hair towards the roots. Leave on for 1-3 minutes and then rinse.

Miracle Rescue Multitasking 10 in 1 Spray –

I love a good spray! I use this one on my damp hair. The mix of hydrators offers 10 benefits, including breakage prevention, heat protection and detangling, in a lightweight formula. Spray in damp hair after your daily shower routine. Apply from mid-lengths to ends for extra moisture and strength against breakage.

Miracle Rescue Moisture Mix-In –

One word: Avocado oil! There are so many great benefits when using avocado oil on your hair and I love that this product is rich with it.  Talk about moisture! Combine 1-5 pumps of this product with your favorite Pantene conditioner, mix together and massage from mid-lengths to ends.

Miracle Rescue Intense Rescue Shot –

This product is ideal for hair that’s gone through extreme damage from coloring or heat-styling. Use weekly in place of your conditioner. It transforms dry hair to become visibly healthier, shinier and stronger against damage.

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I can’t wait for you to try the Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection in January 2021! Let me know when you do! I know you will love it.


XO – Steph

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