Rainbow Baby Shower Theme Ideas

What better way to decorate for a rainbow baby shower than with M&M’s!

The M&M crew, our favorite candy cast, has always been a favorite
part of our dangerously flavorful candy collection.

Now, thanks to
Tala, party planner at Perfect Packages, M&Ms make a sugary and
colorful baby shower theme as well.

picture of rainbow m&m baby shower

Mix up different flavors or colors. Or keep it organized and store by
specific flavors or colors.

Jars can be reusable ones stored from a
while back. Tie with a pretty color-coordinated ribbon.

Keep it simple
with white table cloths-maybe sparkle up the tablecloths with some
colorful stars as shown here.

rainbow baby shower cake pops image

Cake pops are still living up to their popularity in this candy and
dessert buffet.

Just drizzle with M&Ms and sprinkles. Other
desserts included M & M cookies, as well as various snack-size
version of M & M classics, including plain chocolate, peanut, and
dark chocolate.

This party even featured custom flavored M&M, corn

rainbow baby shower banner

Set up a “candy bar” with all different colors and varieties of M&M’s.

Guests can scoop out their favorites and fill their boxes up.

If you want to recreated the framed sign, you can find the picture frame stands here.

rainbow baby shower

Heart shaped scones, yes please. These pleasantly sweet delights
leave it up to the tasters to decide what to include, or not.

could be considered a separate buffet on its own, served with whip
cream, raspberry topping and more!

rainbow baby shower

These witty little labels for treats remind us why an M&M shower
is fun for both children AND adults!

The designs are uniquely made by
Perfect Packages.

rainbow baby shower

Ladies get their girly goodies- colorful eye make-up, lip glosses and

Ms. Green would have loved these lovable gifts!

rainbow baby shower

There’s Ms. Green now! M&M personalized towels to wipe away any
chocolaty messes made!

Take a wire and wrap around a sturdy structure.
Tie the gift towels onto the wire.

For a bit more decorations, tie
colorful ribbons as well! Other wonderful ideas also shown, include
hangers with the baby clothes featuring the baby shower’s M & M

The white background also brightens and sharpens the M & M
characters and colorful designs!

For more party ideas from Perfect Packages, contact Tala Von Daniken at + 41(0)797443065.

Article written by writer, Sara Khan

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