Sleep Training with your Baby during Coronavirus — Sleep and the City

This whole “sleep training” thing can be overwhelming, right?

Whether it’s your very first babe or your third, it probably feels like you can’t learn (or re-learn) it all fast enough…







… all while your life seems to revolve around nursing and sleeping  (but never your own!).

I’ve made it my personal mission to teach you a gentle, hands-on, no cry-it-out sleep plan that works in  #reallife. And, I want you to know it’s more than possible, even for your baby. In my 7 years as a sleep expert (trusted by the big guns like Disney and Dockatot), I’ve seriously heard it all.

Most of the calls I get sound like this:

“I don’t know where to start”


“I thought we were getting somewhere, and then…”

Ohhh, trust me—I’ve been there and back and there again.

Introducing: The Wink-a-Sleep Method

It’s a science-backed, mom-life approved gentle sleep shaping method, and it works for even the seemingly untrainable babes. In quick, immediate Sleep DIY Guide downloads right to your phone or computer.

You might be thinking, “What’s a gentle sleep method?” I’ll give you everything you need to know about science, soothing, and schedules so you can get baby to sleep without crying it out for hours upon hours.

Ready to start sleeping more and stressing less?

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