Spanakopita Creamed Spinach — Worthy Pause

I write a lot of recipes that never see the light of day.

If you could see the drafts section of my blog, you’d be a little bit impressed and a little bit terrified. Last time I checked and there were hundreds of nearly finished recipes without photos or stories to go with them yet. And many hundreds of recipe ideas in a notebook elsewhere.

It’s all part of my creative process, I guess. I write first (usually), cook using my own hypothetical recipe and then make instinctual adjustments as I go. And then photography and all the rest—if it’s good.

This Spanakopita Creamed Spinach is good. It finally made it off the blog bench.

Like Casper the Friendly Ghost, I decided to finish some of my unfinished business this year, so here we are in 2020 with a SUPER delicious recipe I wrote in October of 2016. It’s so delicious, in fact, that I might make it for a Thanksgiving side dish next year.

Yep. This Thanksgiving-level recipe was just chilling in my recipe drafts for 3.5 years. WTF.

This Greek spanakopita-inspired holiday (or regular day) side dish is here, finally—and I know you didn’t know you were even waiting for it, but I hope it’s worth that 3.5-year wait you didn’t know about.

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