Spring Forward 2020 — Sleep and the City

I have a good friend nearby who often travels for work, and we joke that it isn’t accidental that she leaves her husband to deal with any sleep issues that need a quick fix.  Last year, same time change, she left for a 3 day work trip the night before the switch.  Hubby was pretty good at the baby sleep tricks and was happy his baby slept in an extra hour that Daylight Savings Sunday morning, but horrified when his “easy-to-bed” daughter screamed for a full hour after lights out night after night.  Was he doing something differently than Mom?  Was she just being difficult?  Or maybe she was hungry?  This went on for three full nights, until his wife finally returned home….and everything had gone back to “normal”.  The husband was completely stumped and the wife calling his bluff- so how did this all come about to begin with? Did he shift the schedule too much or not enough? The March Spring Forward Time change can be tricky!

Here’s what happened.

Every child has a night here or there where they test the waters with your boundaries when it comes to bedtime (which is super common at every age).  However, in my business I look for PATTERNS, or a sleep issue that occurs more than 3+ nights in a row, which indicates that a sleep association or issue is possibly forming.  Although the sweet toddler from the story above was used to getting up at 7am (which was now 8am), Daddy tried to put her down for bed at her NORMAL bedtime of 8pm (which, YUP, was actually 7pm prior to the change, a whole hour earlier than normal).  Encouraging bedtime more than an hour early is what caused the bedtime battle in this particular scenario. How to shift a schedule though? If you use these Daylight Savings Baby Sleep tricks below, you’ll be able to shift your baby’s schedule before you can even say the word Spring Forward!

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