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Today’s recipe is one of the easiest on our site – but it’s also one of our little ones’ favourite flavour combinations!

Banana and strawberry were just meant to go together!

Even if the strawberries you use in this recipe are slightly tart, the banana sweetens them up perfectly.

What’s more, banana has a great texture for tiny diners. So whereas a strawberry puree might be somewhat runny, the consistency is ideal when you mix it with banana.

It has a gorgeous colour too, making it even more appealing to your little one!

This Strawberry and Banana Baby Food Puree is suitable from 6 months of age, with your doctor’s consent.

Up until recently, doctors recommend waiting until babies were at least 12 months of age before introducing strawberries. This is because strawberries can trigger allergic reactions in sensitive babies, causing symptoms such as a rash around the mouth, hives or diaper rash.

Recently, however, guidelines have changed.

The American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that foods considered to be ‘highly allergic’ – including strawberries, wheat and peanuts – can now be offered from 6 months of age.

There are times when this might not be appropriate – if there is a family history of food allergy, for example, or if your baby has asthma.

So the safest option is to discuss the introduction of strawberries with your child’s doctor.

Learn more about introducing strawberries to your baby

This Strawberry and Banana Baby Food Puree is packed with nutrients!

Just look at all the vitamins and minerals these two fab fruits provide…

Why you should use organic strawberries in this recipe

The Environmental Working Group names strawberries as one of its ‘Dirty Dozen’ – the fruits and vegetables highest in pesticide residues. We recommend buying organic strawberries in order to remove this risk to your baby’s health.

Learn more about the ‘Dirty Dozen’, plus when you should peel your baby’s fruits and vegetables

Other ideas

This puree tastes great, just as it is – but there are a few different ways you could use it…

To Make Strawberry and Banana Baby Food Puree You Will Need

1/2 ripe banana
1 large, ripe strawberry

Either mash the banana and strawberry together with a fork or blend them using a hand blender or baby food processor until smooth.

For older babies, puree the strawberry, but lightly mash the banana. This will leave soft little lumps, which are a great way to introduce your baby to texture.

This recipe makes one serving.

We prefer to make this dish as and when needed. Although it’s possible to make a batch in advance and freeze it, we find that the colour and texture are not as good when it’s thawed.

Fortunately, this recipe is so quick and easy that it’s ready in just a minute or two!

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