Sunday Summary: The Flower Screen

This October marks my nineteenth wedding anniversary.


I was thinking about a moment from the planning process, and it reminded me of a dilemma we ALL face when naming children.

Or, really, making LOTS of decisions.

Our florist came recommended by our reception venue. A small, local shop, it’s been in business for ages. I was certainly not the first 20-something bride to show up with ambitious ideas and a limited budget.

For the consultation, I managed to make sensible, pleasing, budget-conscious ideas for everything – ceremony flowers, bouquets, centerpieces. But at the end, I had to ask. There was a screen made of flowers featured in a recent Martha Stewart magazine. Would it be possible?

The florist, in a manner both kind and straightforward, looked at me and said gently, “I thought you wanted to work within your budget?”

He was right.

I’d spent every penny I’d planned, and already made a compromise or two.

So I snapped out of my reverie, thanked him, and moved on. The flowers were perfect, the delivery and service was flawless, and I still really like my wedding bouquet. (As someone who isn’t massively into flowers, this still surprises me a little.)

Here’s the thing: when we’re choosing names, some part of us might long for a gorgeous, creative, showstopper. The kind of name that screams “Instagram influencer baby.”

But that’s (probably) not our real life.

And our real life?

It’s good.

We have family and friends we love, traditions we cherish, memories that matter so, so much.

It’s just tough to look past that one possibility that makes you say “ooh …”

Even though it doesn’t necessarily fit the happy, joyful life we’re currently living.

If you’re currently mourning that name that you love, but know you’ll probably never really use? I see you. It’s tough. But it’s okay to love all the good we actually have, and let go of that one, over-the-top extravagance.

Do you have a name that’s pure guilty pleasure?


Hipster cowboy names. In some alternate reality, I’m sure I have boys named Otis and Wylie.

Equally obsessed with Evanora and Starloe. I’ve never heard Starloe before, but I think it completely works.

Sisters named Persephone, Antigone, and Araminta? If you need me, I’ve just swooned into this corner over here. Be back in a minute.

Ha! Looking forward to seeing birth announcements for babies named Calorie and Quark. Should I tell him that Temperance is already a thing?

Pretty much the worst-case scenario when a couple splits up AND can’t agree on a baby name. At some point, no matter how challenging the circumstances, your child has to have a single name. Different nicknames around different family members are fine. But this AITA thread is beyond belief.

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That’s all for this week. As always, thank you for reading + thinking of you!

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