The 2020 Baby Name List — Sleep and the City

Hi there! If you are like me – I loved reading top baby name lists! Even way before I was pregnant! Can you relate? Maybe you’re reading this and are planning to get pregnant or are currently pregnant! For all you ladies out there – it’s exciting no matter where you are in life! Am I right? There are so many names to choose from. Historically, boy names have been pretty stable – meaning somewhat the same over the years. So names like Michael, David, Jacob have been recorded as super popular. Things started to shift and names like Noah, Liam, and Oliver became popular. And with girls – names are always changing! That’s why this year, we are sharing our TOP 2020 BABY names in these categories:

So, have fun scrolling through our favorite names for 2020! Some have fun facts and details about origin! Make your guess whether or not these names will be the most popular! And hopefully, you have some inspiration on your baby name journey!

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