The Six Figure Side Hustle

3. How to make money while you sleep

I mentioned earlier this is my favorite part of the side hustle … here’s why. My husband and I bring in a significant income, but we don’t spend it on material things like cars, big houses or jewelry (or whatever it is people spend money on these days). Nearly everything we make from the blog or other investments is invested into income generating assets. Our money, makes money. For example, if I sign a $40,000 deal with a brand, once that check clears, it’s either used to acquire a new income generating asset or pay off a current asset. In doing so, it takes our money further and I’m making money on that $40K long after the check clears.

Now … don’t get me wrong, I buy a handbag every now and then, but I handle business first, always.

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So what’s your big idea or side hustle? If you’ve already started it, think about how you can elevate and take your business to the next level – whether it’s the time you’re spending on it or the quality of service you are providing. Invest in yourself – you have to spend money to make money. And stay the course, success won’t happen overnight in most cases, so keep going!

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