Top 50 Baby Names for 2021 — Sleep and the City

Hey there! If you’re hopping in to Sleep and the City for the first time– I’m so glad you’re here! Welcome and hello! I’m Lauren – Founder and #BabySleep Fairy at Sleep and the City! All of our sleep methods are science-backed and #momlife approved! We’ve helped over 4000 families and are so excited to join you in your journey! 

If you’ve been here before. . . .

Then you definitely know that I absolutely love baby names! This will be our 3rd year of writing our top baby names! If you want, take a peak at 2019 baby names and 2020 baby names. 

Last year, we listed out 2020 girl names like Adah, Reese, Mika, and Paisley. And 2020 boy names included, Archie, Easton, Watson, Cash, and Arlo. 

And I am excited to share our top baby names for 2021.

Because 2021 – lots of amazing ladies are expecting! Hilary Duff, Mandy Moore, Karlie Kloss, Princess Eugenie – just to name a few of the amazing women who are expecting! This means that we’ll see lots of new and trendy baby name inspiration! (Let me know if you want to see a mid-year baby name post!) 

And . . . just a little note – gender is a social construct and out of respect for all – we want to acknowledge this. Although we’ve put these names into subcategories based on gender, these names listed below will work for all, regardless of gender identity. And most importantly, at Sleep and the City – we love everyone!

So, without further delay – let’s start off with 2021 baby boy names..

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