TV Feature! Show Me St. Louis

Innovative & Helpful are the key words I kept in mind when choosing products to feature on my first ever TV segment. There’s a lot on our plates the first months after becoming parents, but there are a lot of really amazing products to help us on our way. Most of these I couldn’t have lived without.

Hopefully, if you live in St. Louis, you were able to catch me on KSDK this morning, but if not, you can watch it here!

My Six Favorite Products for New Moms


Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise $60

We first started using this with Frank and quickly realized that it was great for a newborn as well as a toddler. It is a nightlight, sound machine and ok-to-wake clock. It connects via Bluetooth to your phone and allows you to have different settings for different times of day. You can adjust volume, brightness, color, etc. It even allows you to set timers to let your toddler know when it’s time to sleep and when it is ok to get out of bed. You can connect multiple Rests to your phone and store separate profiles for different kids.


Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad & Scale $130

I remember the biggest stress the first weeks with newborns was always if they were nursing efficiently and gaining weight like they should be. With Frank, things were rough and we were having to do weigh-ins at the pediatrician every day for a week because he just kept losing weight. We had a lactation consultant come to the house and she brought a scale where she would weigh him before a feeding and after. This changing pad connects to your phone and will track weight, diapers and feedings. You can weigh before and after feedings to make sure everything is going as it should. It will compare weight on the growth scale for you and collect your data so you can see how it progresses. It’s also super soft and easy to clean!


The Tiny Tracker Starting at $58

This amazing product was created by Lauren Anderson, a local twin mom, with brilliantly creative mind. Her website describes this product perfectly: The TinyTracker™ is a daily playbook for parents of newborns. Keep track of feedings, memories and milestones in a beautifully designed, intuitive and handy custom bound book. It’s not just another fancy spreadsheet. The TinyTracker™ is a customized planner, memory book AND development tool all in one.

You can customize it with birth date and name making for a great gift to bring to a brand new mom. I tracked Vince’s feedings, diapers, made notes to myself (mom brain is REAL) and kept a small gratitude journal.

Use code “SHOWMEBABY” for 10% off your purchase!


Mother Load Bags $40 full set

Once again, you are going to hear me rave about this product, created by another local mom. She wanted to use her handbags and totes and didn’t want to dig around forever to find what she needed. These are color-coded, washable, stretchy, labeled bags that take the guesswork out of a diaper bag. I buy them for friends all the time and are usable way past the diapering years. I love them for our pool bag because they dry in the sun within minutes!

Use code “SHOWMELOCAL” for 25% off your purchase!


Kinsa Thermometer $20

Another amazing product that connects to your phone and tracks data for you. This thermometer is accurate (rectal is always best, but can also use under arm) and reliable. It comes with a little pouch which is the perfect size for alcohol wipes. I keep it in our diapering bin downstairs. We had newborns thru flu season so we are always on edge that a sickness will take over our house. This thermometer allows for different profiles and will alert you when it’s time to call the doctor.


The Baby Shusher $35

A true sleep miracle. This got us through horrible days and nights of colic. Whether you have a fussy baby or just a baby that needs soothing, you MUST have this shusher with you at all times. You can lull your baby to sleep without hurting your mouth or throat after hours of shushing. It does it for you and is battery powered so you can take it on the go.


Thanks for tuning in! Be sure to share with all the new and soon-to-be mamas you know!

xo, Katie