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It’s been a while since I shared my hair tips with y’all. So today I thought I would do just that since I’ve recently changed up a few things with my hair. Hope you enjoy!

Updated Hair Tips Q&A


—  What is your natural color? Dark blonde, it just looks darker next to the rest of my hair since it’s so light
— Has being so blonde ruined your hair at all? Honestly, yes. Which is the main reason I have extensions. To help achieve a thicker, healthier look.
— Do you get a full set of highlights every time? For the most part, yes. Sometimes they try not to go as much in the back/underneath to help with damage.
— What should we ask our hair dresser for if we want our color like yours? A ton of highlights, lifting them light enough & them toning with Goldwell’s Colorance 10P to make it ashy.
— Do you tone your hair? If so, how often and what do you use? Yes, they tone my hair every time I get my hair done (every 8 weeks usually) and then I also use purple shampoo at home.
— Hair Tips for best home hair color to keep my gray roots covered? Oribe has a great Airbursh root touch up spray but it’s not permanent. It goes on like a dry shampoo would and just covers your roots until you wash your hair
— Can you get highlights, lowlights and toner all at the same time? Yes, that’s what we did today on my hair!
— How often do you cut your hair and what do you ask for? I usually cut my hair every other time I get it done, just to help remove any split/dead ends. I always ask for a blunt cut!
— Thoughts on balayage? I think it looks SO pretty! I’ve never done it personally, but I think it looks so gorgeous and gives a lot of dimension.


— Who’s your hair stylist? Amanda at Amanda K Styling. She has been a hairstylist for 16 years and has specialized in Natural Beaded Rows for 6 years. She is also one of only three trainers in the entire country who train other hairstylists on the method of Natural Beaded Rows. AKA she’s a boss.
— How do I book an appointment with her? You can fill out an application here and then they will call you to schedule a consultation within 24-48 hours.
Where can I see some of the work she’s done? You can check out here Instagram here. They update this frequently with client photos.
— What to look for in a hair stylist when looking for a new one? Check their instagram and look through their work! Look at personal recommendations and reviews online


— How long do you go between washes? 4-5 days! I know that sounds crazy, but you have to train your hair. At first, I washed my hair every day. I started by going two days in between washes and slowly moved up to every 4-5 days.
— Tips on how to keep your hair from becoming greasy? Try to go longer between washes, dry shampoo (but not too much or you will cause product build up), silk pillowcase.
— Healthiest way to wear your hair at night? loose braid or loose, low ponytail
— Tips for good scalp health? You can use a clarifying shampoo once a week to remove any product build up


— Do extensions damage your hair? Any type of extensions can cause damage to your hair, but if you take care of them really well they shouldn’t. It is important to go to a stylist who is well-trained and knows what they’re doing.
— How often do you have to have them moved up? Every 6-8 weeks they have to be tightened
— Which type of extensions do you have? Natural Beaded Rows
— What hair do they use on you? Isla (which is 100% human hair)
— How much do they cost? The cost obviously varies on length, hair type, how many rows, etc. but it usually starts at $1,500. You can call their salon to schedule a consultation and get an exact quote.
— Are extensions worth the time and money? In my opinion, YES. But that is a complete personal decision. To me, having them makes life a lot easier because I don’t have to wash my hair as often and my curls hold longer. It just depends on your budget and how important it is for you. For those of you who don’t want the commitment or don’t have the budget, I would recommend clip in’s! I used them in college and thought they were great (they obviously just take a little more time because you have to put them in every day).
— What are the best removable extensions? Clip in’s (I used to have Bellami) or the Halo (I’ve never tried that but I have friends who have and loved it!) These are both a great option and a lot more affordable!
— Do you experience tangling/matting and if so, what do you do to help? I don’t because I really make an effort to take care of them so they last longer. To prevent matting, try to brush (with a wet brush) close to the scalp and dry your wefts completely.
— How do you keep your extensions looking and feeling healthy? Using good products, not overdoing the heat, blow drying completely every time you get them wet and just taking care of them.
— How often do you change out the hair? Hair generally lasts about 6-9 months, but this varies. If you take really good care of it, it can last up to a year.
— Doe she remove your extensions to highlight each time? Yes! She completely removes my extensions, highlights, washes & tones, puts the extensions back in and then styles
— How many rows/wefts do you get? 2 rows!
Can you wear your hair up in a ponytail with extensions? Yes! I love a high pony!
What length extensions do you get? I started at 18″ (which will give you the most natural look) and then went to 20″ and ended at 22″ for super long hair (which I personally LOVED). I cut it today so we just used 18″ and cut it to the length I desired.


— Which shampoo and conditioner do you use? I’ve always been a fan of Oribe and Kevin Murphy products. If you apply any kind of color to your hair, it’s worth investing in higher-end haircare products. They both have a bunch of different options depending on your needs (moisture control, repair, volume, shine, etc.). I’m currently alternating between these two shampoo and conditioners: Oribe and Navy (code “CRUM” will get you 30% off Navy products)
— Best shampoo and conditioner for hair growth/length? I started using this last month (code “CRUM” for 30% off)! It’s highly recommended for postpartum hair loss (just read the reviews). But I also ordered this entire set, so I’ll keep you guys updated on what I think of both in the next few months!
— Best purple shampoo to keep your hair from getting brassy? I love two different brands: this and this. (I will use these either on their own or after applying my regular shampoo/conditioner.)
— Best dry shampoo? This one is my favorite! It’s lightweight, adds volume and actually cleans your hair by absorbing oils (code “CRUM” for 30% off)!
— Which blow dryer do you use? I have this one, and although it is crazy expensive, it is 100% worth it for me. If you have extensions, you know how long it takes to blow dry your hair (especially when I had long hair). This reduces drying time tremendously, and it’s supposed to be healthier for your hair.
— Which curling iron do you like best? I switched to this one because it’s what my hair dresser uses, and I LOVE it! I use the 1 1/4″ barrel and what’s different about this curling iron is the barrel is actually longer than most, which makes it easier to get to those pieces in the back.
— How do you get those beachy waves you’ve been doing lately? I use this wave wand by Bondi Boost. I LOVE the mermaid, beachy waves it gives you, and they last for days! I have a tutorial saved on my highlight reel on instagram.
— Favorite hair mask? Without a doubt, this one. It is the one hair mask you can notice results right away! I also use this because every hair dresser I know raves about the benefits for strong, healthy hair.
— Do you use a leave-in conditioner? ALWAYS. I use this one after my hair dresser recommended it. It helps so much to detangle your hair, strengthen it & reduce frizz.
— Best shampoo & conditioner for dry hair? All of the Oribe products are great for moisture. They also just came out with an in-salon treatment that you can have applied when you get your hair done that helps your hair hold moisture for up to six weeks. It’s very similar to Olaplex, but will last longer!
— Favorite hair oil? How often do you apply it? This one (+ it smells AMAZING!) Here’s one of my favorite hair tips for this…After you get out of the shower, apply to the ends. You can also apply as often as necessary to the ends, just remember it can make your hair greasy if too much is used.
Favorite hair ties? Gimme Beauty hair ties! They’re seamless so they won’t break (no matter how hard you pull) and they also won’t leave a crease in your hair when you take them out. They hold your hair so well and will withstand intense work outs and high ponytails. They’re about the only hair tie I can wear all day without getting a headache, and they come in several different colors and styles depending on your hair type. (Use code JC25OFF for 25% off! You also get free shipping if you spend $25, so go in with friends & family!)


— Did you experience postpartum hair loss? I can definitely notice a bit of thinning in the hair framing my face, but it’s hard to tell anywhere else because I have extensions. I was proactive and started taking liquid collagen (linking below) religiously during my pregnancy, which I continue to take, so I’m hoping that’s helping!
— Hair tips for growth? Try to go longer between washes, apply less heat, use a good hair mask regularly (linked my favorite above in the “products” section), sleep on a silk pillowcase and put your hair in a low ponytail when you sleep. But overall, I think liquid collagen will give you the most noticeable results. In the six months I’ve been using it, I have already noticed a ton of new hair growth, and can’t wait to continue seeing results. Consistency is KEY though, so if you try it out, give it a few months of taking it EVERY day. (code 4663129 will get you $10 off your order for new customers!) I have a lot more information about the benefits of liquid collagen and why it’s better than a powdered form all saved to my highlight reel on instagram titled “collagen”.

Do you have any questions I didn’t answer in this post? What are some of your favorite hair tips? Let me know in a comment below!

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