Vince’s Orange and Black Nursery

It’s finally here! Vince’s orange and black nursery. The room I have been teasing for…uh…9 months now. In my defense, Vince’s first 6 months of life were anything but easy so we are finally feeling settled in our new routine. Of course, tomorrow we will get thrown a curve ball because I typed that, but whatever.

I was 6 months pregnant when we moved in to this house- it needed a lot of paint and creativity. Both Frank and Vince’s rooms are fairly small. I figured we could go a little crazy with the nursery and have some fun. I did not anticipate painting the walls black, but my husband usually comes up with some questionable ideas that always turn out awesome.

We knew that after the baby was born there wouldn’t be much time for painting and decorating so my goal was to choose a wall color and basic decor that we could go either girl or boy with after the baby was born. Yes, we are Team Grey until delivery day. With either gender, I was sold on Leslee Mitchell Art Prints being the focus of the nursery. They’re clean and can easily be used in a big kid room later.

Here’s the inspiration board I created if we were going to have a boy…

And girl…

Funky and fun was my main priority, but with that I decided the decor budget should be pretty tight. This design would be trendy and may not stand the test of time so I didn’t really want to be sitting on hundreds and hundreds of dollars of decor that we won’t be using in 10 years. Most decorative items are from Target, Amazon or Walmart! Everything, but the crib and glider- both Restoration Hardware Baby.  All nursery items are linked at the end of the post!


Shopping List

RH Avalon Storage Crib $1236 

RH Avalon Dresser & Topper Set $1101

Mattress $300 

Mirror $50 

Ottoman $60 

Rug $140 

Lamp $60 

Ceiling Light $96 

Curtain Rod $60

Hatch Sound Machine & Nightlight $60

Car Photos 8×10 Unframed $35 

Frames $20 

Urchin Wall Decor $15 for 3 

Ubbi Diaper Pail $70 

Ubbi Diaper Pail Bags 75 Bags $20 

Custom Monogrammed Appliqué Pillow Cover by Peppermint Bee $68 

Striped Hampers 2 for $22  

Ubbi Wipes Dispenser $20 

I hope you love it as much as we do! Stay tuned because Frank’s big kid room was also photographed and it’s ready to share! Another orange accent nursery from a friend can be found here!

xo, Katie


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