What Causes Short Baby Naps? — Sleep and the City

If baby could only take consistent long naps, right? 

Let’s paint the picture: Baby had an unbelievably great sleeping/napping day yesterday… but today, things have shifted. 

Baby falls asleep today, and only stays asleep for 20-30 minutes. Um…what happened?? Now they are waking up crying, and you are torn on what to do. Should you go in, not go in, hold baby back to sleep?? And how can you get a long nap back? Knowing some of the causes can help you make some shifts that will promote longer naps, better overall sleep, and a happy baby. 

Hi, I’m Lauren, Founder and owner of the baby sleep agency, Sleep + the City! I’m so happy you are in! Whether you’ve been with us for years or just hopping in for the first time, I want to say a big welcome! And congrats to you for wanting some more education on baby sleep. You are definitely in the right place! Let’s hop right in! 

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