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When will my Baby to Sleep Through the Night?

This is the TOP reason why you’re reading this post, am I right?  This answer is dependent on what you consider “sleeping through the night.”  A newborn will need up to 8 weeks to switch their internal clocks from night to day, and feedings will occur every 1-3 hours.  By month two, a healthy full-term baby is capable of 4-6 hour stretches at night, and by month three, some parents will see that stretch to 6-8 hours.  At month four, that will stretch to 10+ hours for some children, and 11+ hours after the fourth month regression subsides.  If your child hasn’t accomplished these stretches yet, they may need some encouragement and help reaching these healthy sleep goals.  To excel your baby’s potential of sleeping through the night, try our Newborn DIY Guide here, or our 5-18M class here.  Expectations: Anywhere from 3-9 months.


When can I night wean?

Information that you read online pertaining to this varies WIDELY.  This is completely dependent on your child’s age, weight, growth chart, and how many calories they are consuming during the day.  A 6-month old baby, for example, whom wakes up 3 times a night for a full 10 minute feed each time is NOT capable of dropping all feeds cold-turkey.  Always work with your doctor and review your child’s growth chart before deciding to night wean completely. Once you have the green light from your doctor or lactation consultant to stretch out feedings at night, make sure you’re using the 5-18M class to walk you through exactly how to do this, while even keeping a dream feed, and encouraging longer stretches of sleep at night (for both Mom and baby!)  I’ve seen children as young as 3 months sleep 12 hours without a feed, and children as old as 12 months still receive a dream feed, so take it at your own pace. Of course I always recommend keeping a dream feed for at least 6 months to keep a happy, healthy and fed baby, and most doctors will agree that by 9 months, baby should be able to sleep all night (11+ hours) without a feed.  Expectations: Anywhere from 5-12 months.

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