Zoe + Mommy 3 Month Update

Without a doubt, Zoe is the one that has had the biggest transformation these last 3 months. I am so proud of the little human she is becoming.


You might remember from my previous updates that we were exclusively bottle feeding – I would pump and she would drink from the bottle. Around 2 months, she went through a growth spurt and we switched to exclusively breastfeeding. She was eating significantly more (we jumped from 3-4 oz per feeding to 6 oz), so I had to adjust to her needs. She now prefers this over anything and no longer has any interest in a pacifier. She acts so appalled when I try to offer it to her … real nipples only mom LOL!

We typically supplement with formula (Enfamil NeuroPro) if we are out and about and I haven’t had a chance to pump or if she’s still acting hungry after we nurse at nighttime. She hasn’t had any issues switching back and forth between the two. I have noticed that if she wants to nurse, she will NOT take a bottle. Even if it is expressed breastmilk. So that can be challenging at times if I need a break. Sometimes I’m the only person she wants to get milk from. I love our little bond though and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’ll keep you posted on the transition into school for her, this is probably my biggest worry for her. Sis is stubborn but my friend made a good point … she won’t starve herself (we hope).


Figuring out her sleep schedule and preferences has been our greatest challenge. We used and loved the 4Moms Bassinet for awhile.

Quick 4Moms Bassinet Review:

It is spacious, has several modes, fairly quiet (though some of the transitions between settings are not as smooth as I would like), and it has an add on basket underneath that was a lifesaver for us in the early days. The mattress in the bassinet is not as comfortable as I would have hoped. Firm/hard is what is safe for babies, so I always felt Zoe was safe, but I did feel like Zoe struggled to get comfortable once she got older and had slept on our bed or other surfaces for nap time.

Back to Sleeping …

After about a month of life, Zoe decided that she didn’t love the bassinet anymore and she was sleeping with us in our bed. This of course is a big no-no – I know! I talked with my pediatrician for advice, because for awhile it seemed she would not sleep without being held. It finally dawned on me that I had the bassinet from her Nuna stroller that could be used for safe sleeping. We tried that and it worked for a few weeks! She slept in there and did so well!

Zoe is very long and she also loves to move around A LOT when she is sleeping, so our Nuna bassinet soon became too crowded for her. We made the decision a couple weeks ago to make the transition upstairs to her room. It was a big adjustment, but she has slowly started to sleep longer and more frequently in her bed. We napped in there first to get her used to the room. And then we did a short stretch at night in the bed until she woke up for a feeding and by the time it was time for her to stay upstairs all night, she did really well. I’m proud of her because I was very nervous! We ordered this baby monitor and it gives me peace of mind since I can check in on her whenever I need to without having to run upstairs.

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